BT Handwriting

Teaches students how to write print capital and lowercase letters, numbers and their name in an interactive format. ios amazon

BT SightWords

Teaches students the 302 most common words in children's books. Children are able to see, listen to and interact with the words. ios amazon

BT Mental Math

BT Mental Math is an entertaining educational game that challenges players to solve math problems in under 10 seconds in their head. ios amazon

BT Number Board

BuildandTeach’s Number board is a 100’s number board that will help your students learn to count and identify numbers in sequence. ios amazon

BT Word Families

Start you child reading faster!! Word Families are essential to fluent reading. Word Families are chunks of letters that can be used to form multiple words. For example "ad" can form dad, mad, sad, glad and fad. ios amazon

BT Alphabet Arc

BT Alphabet Arc contains six activities that help students practice letter recognition. Students learn to quickly and accurately identify letters in the correct alphabet order. Students are taught capital letters, lower case letters. They are then quizzed to locate them and finaly they are quizzed to on how to match them. amazon

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